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Central Air Conditioning Services in Kingwood

We understand that you need a reliable company to call for your residential heating or AC repair in kingwood. Just mention that you saw the latest coupon offer and we will honor it for you. For routine service or if you are experiencing the house being too warm in the summer, or too cold in the winter, we can suggest the solution. Know that we will be honest with you, show up on time, and provide you with the best help available to make it all comfortable. Our techs are experienced and trained to always make sure to give you the best options so you can make decisions with complete information. We’ll let you know what needs to be repaired and the cost of it.

Don’t just call anybody to come out to your place, who you may never see again. We’re a very local business that does emergency air conditioning repairs in the area. Our founder actually lives in Kingwood, so we want to be not only your A/C company but a trusted friend that you can call when you need a little help.

We Serve the Entire West Lake Houston Area.

You can trust that we have been servicing homes in the area since 2009 and we offer the help you can count on. With every ac service that we do, our first step is to make sure we understand what the problem is. There is no reason to start adding unnecessary parts to your bill until we know exactly what will fix the issue.

This is a great time to inspect and evaluate any additional things that you may want to be serviced while we are out to your residence. The goal is for continued trouble-free comfort between service calls. We’ll do a full inspection and maintenance of your equipment and ensure the system is operating at the highest efficiency so there’s no wasting of your budget every month. Of course, it’s your option on any preventive measures to do if there will be any additional charges.

Our techs have the expertise to help and are committed to you being 100% satisfied when the work is finished – Click here to give us a call.

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HVAC Tech in Kingwood TX

Energy-Efficient AC Installation in Kingwood

In cases where you want us to replace equipment, there are financing options available that make things manageable. Air Majesty can install you a heat pump air conditioner that is great at cooling too and has proven to save you money every month and be very dependable. The way equipment is made today can vary from manufactures. As your advocate and a professional, we always monitor which brands today are manufacturing the most reliable equipment for those needing ac replacement. That way we can offer you the pros and cons of the brands, and you can make an informed decision based on your needs and your budget. You may want a smart wi-fi thermostat which has many money-saving features. There are very good financing options on our energy-efficient systems. These will practically pay for themselves with the money you save by not having to pay the high utility bills. We really are an air conditioning and heating company that stands ready to provide the best service that we can.

Furnace Repair in Kingwood TX

In Texas, heating repair isn’t something we have to be concerned with for most of the year. But, when the fall season comes to an end, you will definitely want to be sure your system is working for when that first cold front comes in. It’s important to have your central heating inspected and maintained at regular intervals. Whether you have an electric or a gas furnace, regular service to the equipment is important so the equipment lasts long and provides comfort and reliability.

If you have a boiler and radiator heater, these radiate heat from baseboard convectors or radiators. Problems can be the heating or they can have circulation issues in which we can diagnose the problem and repair it. We offer discounted service calls to come out, check everything out, and just be sure all is in proper working order and is ready for the change of the season to colder weather.

That way there’s no surprises when you turn it on – Click to call.

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Indoor Air Quality Testing in Kingwood

The air quality in your home is so important to keep everybody healthy. You’ll want to ensure effective and full ventilation to prevent illness. Some things can creep up on a homeowner over time and are only identified with proper testing. Problems can cause allergies, headaches, and many other things, some even more dangerous. Carbon dioxide CO2, mold issues, and other problems can be tested for to ensure your home isn’t making anybody sick.

We Offer Many Air Solutions For Kingwood Homeowners

Whatever the situation you are facing, we can provide a solution that makes the most sense. Our business is very near to Kingwood TX so we can easily predict the arrival time for you. Also, we won’t just up-sell you on new equipment if what you have will still do the job just fine. See our coupons and additional savings on the promotions page. Call or contact me and we’ll discuss the many options and ways to keep your system working properly and ways to save you money.

Ductless Mini Split Services in Kingwood

Ductless Mini Splits are great when you need to regulate the temperature in a specific area of the house or a separate room. They can be installed and used for a part of the home that isn’t supplied by the central air conditioner or heater. These can really supplement the main HVAC system. Give us a call for details.